The core advantage of silicon carbide fiber


Silicon carbide fiber and carbon fiber are both ceramic fiber with high strength and high modulus. Compared with carbon fiber, silicon carbide fiber core has the following advantages:

1. High temperature antioxidant performance

In high temperature air or aerobic environment, silicon carbide fiber oxidation resistance is much stronger than carbon fiber. Now silicon carbide fiber domestic can achieve 1200℃, 1250℃ such high temperature oxidation resistance. Japan can do 1500℃ for a long time.

2. Good insulation performance

Silicon carbide fiber can be said to be semiconductor grade or insulation grade high performance ceramic fiber, so it can be applied to some carbon fiber application can not be used in some fields with insulation requirements (carbon fiber has better conductivity).

3. Performance is more easily regulated

Pioneer of silicon carbide fiber poly carbon silane (PCS), with a series of elements, the preparation of silicon carbide fibers with different properties, (can) through regulation is expected to obtain the gradient of a pioneer body resistivity, radar wave absorption, high temperature through wave function such as functional ceramic fiber, carbon fiber mixed with relatively difficult.


Post time: Aug-23-2022
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