Vanadium Battery

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, full name Vanadium REDOX flow battery (VRB), is a kind of REDOX battery in which active substances circulate in liquid state. Iron-chromium REDOX batteries have been around since the 1960s, but vanadium REDOX batteries were proposed in 1985 by Marria Kacos at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and after more than two decades of research and development, the technology is on the verge of maturity. In Japan, fixed-type (as opposed to EV) vanadium batteries for peak regulating power stations and wind energy storage are developing rapidly, and high-power vanadium battery energy storage systems have been put into use and commercialized.

The electric energy of vanadium battery is stored as chemical energy in sulfuric acid electrolyte of vanadium ions of different valence states, and the electrolytic hydraulic pressure is put into the battery pile by external pump. Under the action of mechanical power, the electrolytic hydraulic pressure circulates in different liquid storage tanks and the closed loop of half battery. Proton exchange membrane is used as the diaphragm of battery pack, and the electrolyte solution flows parallel to the electrode surface and electrochemical reaction occurs. The chemical energy stored in the solution is converted into electrical energy by collecting and conducting current through the double electrode plates. This reversible reaction process enables the vanadium battery to be charged, discharged and recharged smoothly. Positive electrolyte consists of V(Ⅴ) and V(Ⅳ) ionic solution, negative electrolyte consists of V(Ⅲ) and V(Ⅱ) ionic solution, battery charging, positive material for V(Ⅴ) ionic solution, V(Ⅱ) ionic solution, battery discharge, positive and negative electrode respectively for V(Ⅳ) and V(Ⅲ) ionic solution, the battery internal through H+ conduction. V(Ⅴ) and V(Ⅳ) ions exist in the form of VO2+ ion and VO2+ ion respectively in acidic solution, so the positive and negative reactions of vanadium batteries can be expressed as follows:

Positive electrode during charging: VO2++H2O→VO2++2H++e-

Negative electrode when charging: V3++ e-→V2+

Discharge anode: VO2++2H++e-→VO2++H2O

Discharge negative electrode: V2+→V3++ e-


Used as an energy storage system, vanadium batteries have the following characteristics

1, the output power of the battery depends on the size of the battery pile, energy storage capacity depends on the electrolyte storage and concentration, so its design is very flexible, when the output power is certain, to increase the energy storage capacity, as long as increasing the volume of the electrolyte storage tank or improve the electrolyte concentration;

2, the active substance of vanadium battery exists in the liquid, the electrolyte ion is only one vanadium ion, so there is no phase change of other batteries when charging and discharging, the battery has a long service life;

3, charge, discharge performance is good, can be deep discharge without damaging the battery;

4. Low self-discharge, when the system is in closed mode, the electrolyte in the tank has no self-discharge phenomenon;

5, vanadium battery location freedom, the system can be fully automatic closed operation, no pollution, simple maintenance, low operation cost;

6, the battery system has no potential explosion or fire danger, high safety;

7, the battery parts are mostly cheap carbon materials, engineering plastics, material sources are rich, easy to recycle, do not need precious metals as electrode catalyst;

8, high energy efficiency, up to 75%~80%, very high cost performance;

9. Fast startup speed, if the reactor is full of electrolyte, it can be started within 2min, and the charging and discharging state switch only needs 0.02s during operation.

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