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Silicon carbide (SiC) is a new compound semiconductor material. Silicon carbide has a large band gap (about 3 times silicon), high critical field strength (about 10 times silicon), high thermal conductivity (approximately 3 times silicon). It is an important next-generation semiconductor material. SiC coatings are widely used in the semiconductor industry and solar photovoltaics. In particular, the susceptors used in the epitaxial growth of LEDs and Si single crystal epitaxy require the use of SiC coating. Due to the strong upward trend of LEDs in the lighting and display industry, and the vigorous development of the semiconductor industry, SiC coating product prospects are very good.



Product application and performance                                                                                                  Product applications and uses

Si single crystal industry, GaN, AlN, sapphire and other MOCVD pedestals.                                               -Graphite base coating for single crystal silicon epitaxial growth

Main performance: high purity, erosion resistance, high thermal conductivity,                                          - MOCVD process, graphite base coating for GaN epitaxial growth

                                    high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient.


Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Solar photovoltaic


Thermal Conductivity 250 W/m °K Laser flash method, RT
Thermal Expansion (CTE) 4.5 x 10-6 °K Room temp to 950 °C, silica dilatometer
       Property Value Method
Density 3.21 g/cc Sink-float and dimension
Specific heat 0.66 J/g °K Pulsed laser flash
Flexural strength 450 MPa560 MPa 4 point bend, RT4 point bend, 1300°
Fracture toughness 2.94 MPa m1/2 Microindentation
Hardness 2800 Vicker's, 500g load
Elastic ModulusYoung's Modulus 450 GPa430 GPa 4 pt bend, RT4 pt bend, 1300 °C
Grain size 2 - 10 µm SEM



Purity,SEM Structure,thickness analysis of SiC coating

The purity of SiC coatings on graphite by using CVD is as high as 99.9995%. Its structure is fcc. The SiC films coated on graphite is (111) oriented as shown in the XRD data (Fig.1) indicating its high crystalline quality. The thickness of the SiC film is very uniform as shown in Fig. 2.

SEM data of CVD SiC thin film, the crystal size is 2~1 Opm


Fig. 2: thickness uniform of SiC films

The crystal structure of the CVD SiC film is a face-centered
 cubic structure, and the film growth orientation is close to 100%


SEM and XRD of beta‐SiC film on graphite



Product performance and application prospects.

Silicon carbide (SiC) coated base is the best base for single crystal silicon and GaN epitaxy, which is the core component of the epitaxy furnace. The base is a key production accessory for monocrystalline silicon for large integrated circuits. It has high purity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good air tightness and other excellent material characteristics.

Product application and use

Graphite base coating for single crystal silicon epitaxial growthSuitable for Aixtron machines, etcCoating thickness: 90~150umThe diameter of the wafer crater is 55mm.



graphite crucible coating for single crystal silicon by straight-pull method


single crystal silicon industrial production by straight-pull method, three-petaled crucible as high temperature bearing and uniform heat conduction parts, flow tube as exhaust gas circulation channelheat conduction parts, flow tube as exhaust gas circulation channel
Product features
Hightemperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, can improve the quality and output of the wafer. With very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, good insulation, good chemical stability, near purple (red) outside visible light penetration.
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Ningbo VET Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for graphite parts, especially in development of new semiconductor materials and focusing on the research and development of SiC coating. The company's main products are SiC-coated susceptors for LED industry and monocrystalline silicon industry. The SiC film used for LED industry and monocrystalline silicon industry is cubic phase, which has the same lattice structure as diamond, and its hardness is only as good as diamond. Silicon carbide is the most mature wide band gap semiconductor material, and has broad application prospects in the semiconductor industry. In addition, silicon carbide has a high thermal conductivity, a small thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance (about 2700 degrees Celsius), and excellent corrosion resistance. The company's silicon carbide coating products are also widely used in aerospace, photovoltaic industry, nuclear energy, high-speed rail, automotive and other industries.


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