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Bipolar plate is the main structural support of fuel cell stack, and its structural design forms the flow channel of hydrogen, air and water in the stack. As the main structure of the stack, the thickness of bipolar plate directly affects the power density of the stack. At present, due to the relatively high threshold of membrane electrode technology in the industry, the breakthrough progress is slow, and the starting point of improving the performance of stack products is mainly on bipolar plate.

The bipolar plate of fuel cell must meet the following performance requirements:

In order to play a series role in single cell, the bipolar plate must have high conductivity; to isolate the reaction gas and heat dissipation water in each cavity, the gas permeability of bipolar plate should meet the requirements;

The heat of the reaction area is transferred to the coolant quickly, and the bipolar plate should have high thermal conductivity; considering the structure strength, vibration, power density and low temperature start-up, the strength, density and heat capacity of the bipolar plate material should also meet the product performance requirements.

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We have developed cost- effective graphite bipolar plates for PEMFC which requires the use of advanced bipolar plates with high electrical conductivity and good mechanical strength. Our bipolar plates allow fuel cells to operate at high temperatures and have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

We offer the graphite material with impregnated resin in order to achieve gas impermeability and high strength. But the material retains the favorable properties of graphite in terms of high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity.

We can machine the bipolar plates on both sides with flow fields, or machine single side or provide unmachined blank plates as well. All graphite plates could be machined as per your detailed design.

Graphite Bipolar Plates Material Datasheet:

Material Bulk Density Flexural
Compressive Strength Specific Resistivity Open Porosity
GRI-1 1.9 g/cc min 45 Mpa min 90 Mpa min 10.0 micro ohm.m max 5% max
More grades of graphite materials are available to select according to specific application.

- Impermeable to gases ( hydrogen and oxygen)
- Ideal electrical conductivity
- A balance between conductivity, strength, size and weight
- Resistance to corrosion
- Easy to produce in bulk Features:
- Cost-effective


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