Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Uav Pemfc Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

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Ningbo VET Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in China, We are professional supply Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Uav Pemfc Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack anufacturer and supplier.

we are focusing on new material technology and automotive products.

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The Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Uav Pemfc Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack made in China from Vet Energy, which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Buy Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Uav Pemfc Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack with low price from our factory. We have our own brands and we also support bulk. If you are interested in our products, we will give you the cheap price. Welcome to buy discount product which is newest and high-quality from us.


A single fuel cell consists of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and two flow-field plates delivering about 0.5 and 1V voltage (too low for most applications). Just like batteries, individual cells are stacked to achieve a higher voltage and power. Thisassembly of cells is called a fuel cell stack, or just a stack.


The power output of a given fuel cell stack will depend on its size. Increasing the number of cells in a stack increases the voltage, while increasing the surface area of the cells increases the current. A stack is finished with end plates and connections for ease of further use.


220W-24V Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

Inspecton Items & Parameter



Output performance

Rated power 220W 259.2W
Rated voltage 24V 24V
Rated current 9.16A 10.8A
DC voltage range 20-36V 24V
Efficiency ≥50% ≥53%
Fuel Hydrogen purity ≥99.99%(CO<1PPM) 99.99%
Hydrogen pressure 0.04~0.06Mpa 0.05Mpa

Environmental characteristics

Working temperature -5~35℃ 28℃
Working environment humidity 10%~95%(No mist) 60%
Storage ambient temperature -10~50℃  
Noise ≤60dB  

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VET Technology Co., Ltd is the energy department of VET Group, which is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of automotive and new energy parts, mainly dealing in motor series, vacuum pumps, fuel cell&flow battery, and other new advanced material.

Over the years, we have gathered a group of experienced and innovative industry talents and R & D teams, and have rich practical experience in product design and engineering applications. We have continuously achieved new breakthroughs in product manufacturing process equipment automation and semi-automated production line design, which enables our company to maintain strong competitiveness in the same industry.

With R & D capabilities from key materials to end application products, the core and key technologies of independent intellectual property rights have achieved a number of scientific and technological innovations. By virtue of stable product quality, the best cost-effective design scheme and high-quality after-sales service, we have won the recognition and trust from our customers.

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