Understand the working principle of graphite rotor

​The graphie rotor system its made of a kind of high-purity graphite. Its spraying method is used to disperse the bubbles, and it can also be used as the centrifugal force generated by the aluminum alloy solution to make the eradication gas mixing more uniform. When the rotor rotates, the graphite obtained by breaking the bubbles is transferred to the molten aluminum nitrogen (or argon) and dispersed into the molten metal.

Bubbles in the melt rely on the gas partial pressure difference and the principle of adsorption on the surface to absorb hydrogen in the melt, the adsorbent material oxidizes and entrains slag, and is carried out of the melt surface as the bubbles rise, so that the melt can be purified.

Because the tiny bubbles are dispersed, evenly mixed and melt-spun, and slowly float with the rotation of the spiral, long contact time with the melt, does not form a vertical upward continuous air flow to remove harmful hydrogen in the aluminum melt, significantly improve graphite Rotor purification effect.

Post time: Jan-11-2021
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