4 billion! SK Hynix announces semiconductor advanced packaging investment at Purdue Research Park

West Lafayette, Indiana – SK hynix Inc. announced plans to invest nearly $4 billion to build an advanced packaging manufacturing and R&D facility for artificial intelligence products at Purdue Research Park. Establishing a key link in the U.S. semiconductor supply chain in West Lafayette is a big leap for the industry and the state.

“We are excited to build an advanced packaging facility in Indiana,” said SK hynix CEO Nianzhong Kuo. “We believe this project will lay the foundation for a new Silicon heart, a semiconductor ecosystem centered in the Delta Midwest. The facility will create local high-paying jobs and produce AI memory chips with superior capabilities so that the United States can internalize more of the critical chip supply chain.”


SK hynix joins Bayer, Imec, MediaTek, Rolls-Royce, Saab and many other domestic and international companies in bringing innovation to America’s heartland. The new facility – which houses an advanced semiconductor packaging line that will mass-produce next-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, a key component of graphics processing units used to train AI systems such as ChatGPT – is expected to provide more than a thousand new jobs in the Lafayette metropolitan area, with the company planning to begin mass production in the second half of 2028. This project marks SK Hynix’s long-term investment and partnership in the greater Lafayette area. The company’s decision-making framework prioritizes profit and social responsibility while promoting ethical action and accountability. From infrastructure development that makes access to facilities more convenient to community empowerment programs such as skills development and mentoring, SK Advanced Packaging Manufacturing at hynix Marks a New Era of Collaborative Growth. “Indiana is a global leader in innovation and production to drive the economy of the future, and today’s news is a testament to that fact,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. “I am very proud to officially welcome SK Hynix to Indiana, and we believe this new partnership will improve the Lafayette-West Lafayette region, Purdue University, and the state of Indiana in the long term. This new semiconductor innovation and packaging facility not only affirms the state’s position in the hard tech sector, but is another important step in advancing American innovation and national security, placing Indiana at the forefront of domestic and global development.” Investment in the Midwest and Indiana is driven by Purdue’s excellence in discovery and innovation, as well as the outstanding R&D and talent development made possible through collaboration. Partnerships between Purdue University, the corporate sector, and the state and federal governments are critical to advancing the U.S. semiconductor industry and establishing the region as the heart of silicon. “SK hynix is ​​a global pioneer and market leader in memory chips for artificial intelligence,” said Purdue University President Myung-Kyun Kang. This transformational investment reflects the tremendous strength of our state and university in semiconductors, hardware AI, and hard tech corridor development. It is also an important moment to complete our nation’s supply chain for the digital economy through advanced packaging of chips. Located at Purdue Research Park, this largest facility at a U.S. university will enable growth through innovation. “In 1990, the United States produced approximately 40% of the world’s semiconductors. However, as manufacturing has shifted to Southeast Asia and China, the U.S. share of global semiconductor manufacturing capacity has fallen to approximately 12%. “SK Hynix will soon be a household name in Indiana,” said U.S. Senator Todd Young. “This incredible investment shows their confidence in Indiana’s workers, and I am excited to welcome them to our state. The CHIPS and SCIENCE Act opened a door for Indiana to move quickly into, and companies like SK Hynix are helping us build our high-tech future.” “To bring semiconductor manufacturing closer to home and stabilize the global supply chain, the U.S. Congress introduced the “Providing Beneficial Incentives for American Production of Semiconductors Act” (CHIPS and Science Act) on June 11, 2020. The bill was signed by President Joe Biden on August 9, 2022, supporting the overall development of the semiconductor industry with $280 billion in funding. It supports the nation’s semiconductor R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain security. “When President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act, he drove a stake into the earth and sent a signal to the world that America cares about semiconductor manufacturing,” said Arati Prabhakar, Chief Science and Technology Advisor to U.S. President Joe Biden and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Today’s announcement will strengthen economic and national security and create good jobs that support family work. This is how we do big things in America. “Purdue Research Park is one of the largest university-affiliated incubation centers in the nation, combining discovery and delivery with easy access to Purdue’s semiconductor field experts, highly sought-after graduates and extensive Purdue research resources. The park also offers convenient access to staff and semi-truck transportation, just minutes from I-65.

This historic announcement is the next step in Purdue’s ongoing pursuit of semiconductor excellence as part of the Purdue Compute Project. Recent announcements include Purdue’s Integrated Semiconductor and Microelectronics Program’s strategic partnership with Dassault Systèmes to improve, accelerate and transform the semiconductor workforce European technology leader imec opens innovation center at Purdue University The nation’s first integrated semiconductor degree program Purdue continues to create a unique lab-to-fab ecosystem for the state and nation Green2Gold, a collaboration between Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University to grow the engineering workforce in Indiana.

SK hynix, headquartered in South Korea, is a world-class semiconductor supplier, providing dynamic random access memory chips (DRAM), flash memory chips (NAND flash) and CMOS image sensors (CIS) to renowned customers around the world.




Post time: Jul-09-2024
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