MOCVD Substrate Heater, Heating Elements For MOCVD

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Chemical  Graphite

Advantage:High temperature resistance

Application:MOCVD/Vacuum furnace/Hot Zone

Bulk Density:1.68-1.91g/cm3

Flexural strength: 30-46Mpa


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MOCVD Substrate Heater, Heating Elements For MOCVD

Graphite heater:
The graphite heater components are used in the high temperature furnace with temperature reached 2200 degree at vacuum environment and 3000 degree in the deoxidized and inserted gas environment.
Main features of graphite heater:
1. uniformity of heating structure.
2. good electrical conductivity and high electrical load.
3. corrosion resistance.
4. inoxidizability.
5. high chemical purity.
6. high mechanical strength.
The advantage is energy efficient, high value and low maintenance.
We can produce anti-oxidation and long life span graphite crucible, graphite mold and all parts of graphite heater.
Main parameters of graphite heater:

Technical Specification


Bulk Density (g/cm3)


Ash Content (PPM)


Shore Hardness


Specific Resistance (μ.Ω.m)


Flexural Strength (Mpa)


Compressive Strength (Mpa)


Max. Grain Size (μm)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Mm/°C


Graphite heater for electric furnace has properties of heat resistance, oxidation resistance, good electrical conductivity and better mechanical intensity. We can machine various types of graphite heater according to customers' designs.

MOCVD Substrate Heater, Heating Elements For MOCVDMOCVD Substrate Heater, Heating Elements For MOCVD

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