Bipolar plate, Bipolar plate for fuel cell

Bipolar plates (BPs) are a key component of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells with multifunctional character. They uniformly distribute fuel gas and air, conduct electrical current from cell to cell, remove heat from the active area, and prevent leakage of gases and coolant. BPs also significantly contribute to the volume, weight and cost of PEM fuel cell stacks

Bipolar plates separate the reactant gases and distribute them on each side over the whole active area of the MEA. Bipolar plates also remove the unreacted gases and water from the active area of the MEA. Bipolar plates should be electrically conductive, highly chemically resistant to the operating conditions, and highly thermally conductive for better heat transfer across the cell. Bipolar plates for LT- and HT-PEMFCs are made of almost the same materials, but HT-PEMFC bipolar plate material has to endure a steady electrical potential, a low pH environment and temperatures of up to 200°C. It is required that the bipolar plates are electrically and thermally conductive.


Some of these functions include the distribution of fuel and oxidant inside the cells, the separation of the different cells, the collection of the electric current produced, the evacuation of the water from each cell, the humidification of the gases and cooling of the cells. Bipolar plates also have channels which allow the passage of reactants (fuel and oxidant) on each side. They form the anode and cathode compartments on opposite sides of the bipolar plate. The design of the flow channels may vary; they may be linear, coiled, parallel.


VET is the bipolar plate manufacturer that specializes in high performance custom fuel cell components for product manufacturers, researchers and educators around the world. We have developed cost- effective graphite bipolar plates for Fuel Cell (PEMFC) which is advanced bipolar plates with high electrical conductivity and good mechanical strength. The bipolar plates allow fuel cells to operate at high temperatures and have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.


Post time: May-05-2022
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