Introduction of graphite flexible felt

Introduction of graphite flexible felt

graphite felt

High temperature graphite felt has the properties of light weight, good disturbance, high carbon content, high temperature resistance, no volatilization at high temperature, corrosion resistance, small thermal conductivity and high shape retention.

The product has the following advantages: after 1800 ~ 2500 ℃ high temperature treatment, the temperature difference between any two points of the felt is not more than 50 ℃, so the product performance is stable. Because it is a continuous production, it can ensure the uniformity of felt material in any width and length.


Compared with carbon felt treated at low temperature (below 900 ℃), graphite felt treated at high temperature (above 2200 ℃) has the following advantages:

(1) The adsorption of water vapor and other gases on graphite felt is 2 orders of magnitude lower than that on carbon felt treated at low temperature. For many closed vessel equipments that need to be vacuumized, the purity of atmosphere is a key parameter. However, due to the high adsorption of low temperature treated carbon felt, it is difficult to vacuumize the vessel.

(2) The graphite felt has strong thermal oxidation resistance. The structure of carbon without graphitization is a kind of disordered layer structure. The existence of various structural defects makes its layer spacing larger, and it is easy to be attacked by oxygen atoms and oxidized. The perfect lattice and ordered three-dimensional arrangement of the graphite felt after high temperature treatment greatly reduce the layer spacing and make it not easy to be attacked by oxygen atoms, thus greatly enhancing the antioxidant capacity.

(3) The purity of graphite felt is high, and the carbon content is more than 99.5%. The carbon content of low temperature treated carbon felt is generally less than 93%, which is easy to cause environmental pollution in the furnace.

In a word, high temperature treated graphite felt has better effect and longer service life than low temperature carbon felt.

Post time: Jul-12-2021
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