Hydrogen fuel cell and Bipolar plates

Since the Industrial Revolution, global warming caused by the extensive use of fossil fuels has caused sea levels to rise and numerous animals and plants to become extinct. Environmentally friendly and sustainable development is now a major aim. The fuel cell is a type of green energy. During its operation, it only produces water and no other impurities, thus providing an extremely clean energy. The energy conversion efficiency of fuel cells is high. Unlike traditional power generation methods, it does not require the multiple conversion of energy before it is finally converted into the electricity we need. A fuel cell stack consists of layers of stacked fuel cells to increase the voltage to the required working voltage to make the machine operate.

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Hydrogen fuel cells represent an important enabling technology in the shift from fossil fuel engines to electric vehicles. Bipolar plates (BPs) are a major component of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). BPs play a multifunctional character within a PEMFC stack. It is one of the most costly and critical part of the fuel cell, and hence the development of efficient and cost-effective BPs is of much interest for the fabrication of next-generation PEMFCs in future. 


One of the main components of hydrogen fuel cell is graphite fuel electrode plates. In 2015,VET entered the fuel cell industry with its advantages of producing graphite fuel electrode plates.Founded company Miami Advanced Material Technology Co., LTD.

After years of research and development, vet have mature technology for producing 10w-6000w Hydrogen fuel cells. Over 10000w fuel cells powered by vehicle are being developed to contribute to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.As for the biggest energy storage problem of new energy, we put forward the idea that PEM converts electric energy into hydrogen for storage and hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity with hydrogen. It can be connected with photovoltaic power generation and hydropower generation.


Post time: Apr-26-2022
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