Silicon Carbide Coated Graphite Susceptor for LED Etching

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Silicon carbide susceptor for LED etching (SiC tray) is a special accessory for deep silicon etching (ICP etching machine). wafer carrier, also known as wafer carrier, silicon wafer carrier, also known as pocket wafer. Widely used in semiconductor CVD and vacuum sputtering.

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Silicon carbide coated susceptor is a key component used in various semiconductor manufacturing processes. We use our patented technology to make the silicon carbide coated susceptor with extremely high purity, good coating uniformity and an excellent service life, as well as high chemical resistance and thermal stability properties.

VET Energy is the real manufacturer of customized graphite and silicon carbide products with CVD coating, can supply various customized parts for semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. Our technical team comes from top domestic research institutions, can provide more professional material solutions for you.

We continuously develop advanced processes to provide more advanced materials, and have worked out an exclusive patented technology, which can make the bonding between the coating and the substrate tighter and less prone to detachment.

Features of our products:

1. High temperature oxidation resistance up to 1700.
2. High purity and thermal uniformity
3. Excellent corrosion resistance: acid, alkali, salt and organic reagents.
4. High hardness, compact surface, fine particles.
5. Longer service life and more durable

CVD SiC薄膜基本物理性能

Basic physical properties of CVD SiC coating

性质 / Property

典型数值 / Typical Value

晶体结构 / Crystal Structure

FCC β phase 多晶,主要为(111)取向

密度 / Density

3.21 g/cm³

硬度 / Hardness

2500 维氏硬度(500g load)

晶粒大小 / Grain SiZe


纯度 / Chemical Purity


热容 / Heat Capacity

640 J·kg-1·K-1

升华温度 / Sublimation Temperature


抗弯强度 / Flexural Strength

415 MPa RT 4-point

杨氏模量 / Young' s Modulus

430 Gpa 4pt bend, 1300℃

导热系数 / ThermaConductivity


热膨胀系数 / Thermal Expansion(CTE)




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