What is the function of PECVD graphite boat?

As the carrier of normal silicon wafers in the production of coating process, the graphite boat has many boat wafers with a certain interval in the structure, and there is a very narrow space between two adjacent boat wafers, and silicon wafers are placed on both sides of the empty door.

Because graphite, the material of the graphite boat, has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, an AC voltage is applied between two adjacent boats to form positive and negative electrodes. When there is a certain air pressure and gas in the chamber, a glow discharge occurs between the two boats. The glow discharge can decompose SiH4 and NH3 gas in the space, form Si and N ions, and combine to form SiNx molecules It is deposited on the surface of silicon wafer to achieve the purpose of coating.

As a carrier of solar cell antireflection coating, the structure and size of graphite boat directly affect the conversion efficiency and production efficiency of silicon wafer. After years of technical research and development, our company now has advanced production equipment, mature technology designers and experienced production staff, and the materials are imported raw materials. At present, the graphite boat manufactured by our company has the advantages of high efficiency The structure is simple and the distance between the graphite boat is reasonable, which makes the coating of the silicon wafer uniform, improves the quality of the silicon wafer, and makes the solar energy conversion efficiency high. Shijin company has all kinds of ink boats that the market needs now


Post time: Apr-08-2021
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